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189th. Back Again~

I'm back from Japan~ Came back like... two days ago or something - wow, feels like much longer >_>

I had an awesome time and I've fallen for Japan quite hard now and I'd love to go back there whenever I have the chance <3

So, I'll try to not trail too much out of topic but... you know how I can get somtimes when I write... it get's all dopey >_> I realize that I totaly forgot to mention to you guys that I actualy bade a photo blog on tumblr so if you want to see 100 more pics you can head over to and scroll x)

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188th. Japan

Leaving for Japan first thing tomorow morning! So happy right now, bought the ticket half a year ago or something so it has really felt like forever for this moment to arive~

Well, anyway, thought I'd just say goodbye or someting- not that I update often enough for you guys to really notice me being gone for a month >_>

I'll probably tweet whenever I find free wi-fi (Ettonis if you don't already know) and I'll check my mail as often as I can (if something mayor happen that I should know about... NO FUCKING AVENGERS SPOILERS (I'LL KILL YOU! (no, not really)))


On another note, read the latest Bleach chapter--- Mayuris face have had some alterations x) he just gets more and more complicated as the years pass it seems. I'm also guessing the Kensei/Hisagi fans are really happy about Kensei being Cap of the 9th again~ I know I would be

Also, bummer about SPN taking a break D: I was looking forward to having a couple of ep's when I got home :( They're taking breaks every second weeks it seems. Me no likey.
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185th. It's a bang-wagon

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
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183th. You know I love and miss you all //your baby <3

Hey all. Man, first (as always) there's the moaning over never being on here anymore. But I'm guessing we're all the same on that front ^^
Still, I feel like ranting and this is the only place I feel comfortable doing that, LJ is still home in a way. I guess I just moved out xD

Been doing some minor work, right now I'm doing a profile for my dad's new company. Kinda fun. Also been painting some, have to bring some money in in some way. and, OH, EVERYBODY! I BOUGHT TICKETS TO JAPAN! :D I'm so fucking hyped, even if it's half a year until I'll actually go, but still. I'LL BE THERE FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!
So yeah, I kinda need to save up money xD So much I have to do once I'm there. Half of the things are like mostly for couples and old people. Like conquering mt Fuji and bathing in hot springs and watch the sakura

Also I think I'm gonna try to talk to someone about creating a website. Just watched The Social Network (that facebook movie) and OMG he's using LJ in the begining for bloging! I got so happy xD Either way I got struck by this idea. Cuz personally I'm a bit against Facebook, only log in about once a month cuz I feel like I have to... but then again tumblr isn't really 'interaction friendly' which I find sad. LJ really is the closest to perfect :)

Also, I havn't been able to find my HD in two months. I'm getting slightly nervous... can't come up with anywhere I'd might have put it..

Oh, and also, I created Twitter and I need ppl to follow! So if any of you are okay with me following you, please drop me your names or something? <3 (that is if you even see this entry <3)

I'm missing all of you, just so you know.
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